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    This set contains 3 UCM Destroyers, all able to be built as either Havanas, Vancouvers, or Kievs! There are parts to build 3 of each Havanas and Vancovers, or 2 Kievs.

    The sleek design of the UCM Destroyers uses the typical fins of the UCM and arranges them in three completely distinct ways for three completely different ships! Fast and surprisingly tough, the Destroyers operate as search-and-destroy vessels, or escort carriers. The Havana's Light Torpedoes provide surprising punch, the Vancouver gives a handy (and cheap) launch vessel, and the Kiev is the UCM's Heavy Destroyer, its UF-9000 Twin Mass Driver the bane of even Battleships!

    Contains 2-3 resin miniatures (depending on build) and 3 plastic Dropfleet Commander bases and flight stands.

    - $34.00

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