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    That's right, this is an entire 3'x3' Venetian board (with space for canals) in one easy pack! If you're getting stuck into games of Carnevale, this is the perfect set to upgrade from the cardboard scenery.

    With eleven buildings ranging from small 1-storey affairs to the massive 3-storey palazzos and even the tall Crisostomo Tower, the board is already pretty full! Add 5 bridges and enough balconies to fully kit out your buildings, and you have one awesome gaming space!

    This massive bundle contains (deep breath):

    • Casa Cristina
    • Casa Diana
    • Casa Elizabeta
    • Casa Francesca
    • Dimora Giulia
    • Dimora Helena
    • Dimora Isabella
    • Dimora Justina
    • Palazzo Lucia
    • Palazzo Magdalena
    • Crisostomo Tower
    • Ringhiera Bridge
    • Pietra Bridge
    • Stretto Bridges
    • Venetian Balconies
    • Venetian Quarter Streets

    The Venetian Quarter is made from 3mm MDF and 1mm greyboard. While it was designed for Carnevale, it will work perfectly with other 28-32mm games.

    - $216.00

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