Warcaster Neo-Mechanika: Aeternus Continuum - Marauder

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    Endowed with extreme mechanikal reconfigurations, the Marauders are living weapons in the service of the Aeternus Continuum. Little remains of the Marauders' living flesh and bone, having traded the frailty of the human form for a body of steel, servos, and blazing firepower. A rank above the Vassals, the Marauders are utilized as temple guardians and provide fire support to Continuum forces in battle. Nearly unstoppable, these heavily armored brutes never tire while charged with Arc.

    • With ARM 4 and Health 3, Marauders are among the hardiest solos in the game.
    • The Marauder can attack with both its melee and ranged weapons during the same activation.
    • The Marauder's Shredder minigun has the Strafe special rule, enabling it to hit multiple targets with each attack.
    • When the Marauder hits a warjack with its Claw, it can spike to cause the warjack to suffer the system failure continuous effect.
    • If the Marauder is charged at the start of your turn, you can remove an activation token from it, ensuring that you are never short on solos to activate.

    Metal components.

    1 Marauder
    1 Round Base
    1 Stat Card

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