Warcaster Neo-Mechanika: Empyrean - Sentinel Weapon Pack A

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    Powerful, strong, and unyielding, the Sentinel is the heaviest Empyrean warjack yet unleashed on the battlefields of the Hyperuranion. The defensive machine is built to take and keep ground against any opposition, and it has been fortified with the mechanika adaptions necessary to fulfill its intended purpose. While charged with Arc, the Sentinel’s quantum anchor keeps the warjack from budging no matter the force thrown at it. The Sentinel’s force barrier enables it to redirect its reserves of Arc to protect the machine vital systems, enabling it to shrug off damage that would obliterate a lesser warjack. Its weapon systems are no less powerful or advanced. The Sentinel can be armed with the force-edged, super-heated Heavy Plasma Blade, the wicked Gravitronic Lash, and the Phase Trajectile Cannon, a weapon that can literally fire through physical barriers. The machine’s back-mounted primary weapon systems include the devastating Nova Cannon and the rapid-fire Starfire Array. Its chest weaponry includes the withering Chronomorphic Accelerator and explosive Dark Star. The Sentinel’s cortex options include the omniscient Avatar cortex and the relentless Hellion cortex.

    • Increase your warjack load out customization options with this weapon pack, featuring one copy of each weapon included in the full Sentinel A kit: 7 weapons, 2 cortexes, and a card for each weapon.

    - $9.99

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