Warcaster: Neo-Mechanika - Wild Card Voitek Sudal, Bounty Hunter Solo

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    A highly decorated veteran of the Iron Star Alliance's Paladin forces who left the service under a cloud of secrecy, Voitek Sudal has dedicated his life to tracking down the most dangerous criminals in the Hyperuranion. With a reputation for ruthless professionalism, Sudal operates throughout both Alliance and Marcher Worlds territories. He is a man of few words, preferring to let his arsenal speak for him. In addition to his hard-earned survival skills, Sudal relies on a shoulder-mounted force constrictor to bring down his prey. Null detonators and a gate jammer assist in isolating targets long enough to get them tagged, bagged, and off world.

    • Voitek Sudal will work for both Alliance and Marcher Worlds forces.

    • In addition to the weaponry referenced above, he also has Pathfinder and Stealth.

    • After hitting a target with the Force Constrictor, Sudal can spike to give the target an activation token.

    • Sudal's Gate Jammer increases the cost of deploying enemy units from nearby Void Gates by 1.

    Metal components.

    1 Voitek Suda
    1 Round Base (30mm)
    Stat Card(s)

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