Gopher Escalation League Rules & Registration

by Gopher Games

Get it? Cause.... it's an escalator...... 


40K 10th Ed. is here and it's time to get escalated!

2023 Escalation League will begin July 8th and run through Dec. 22nd.

-Phase One (July 8th - Sept 1st): ≤ 750 pts list (Incursion)

-Phase Two (Sept 2nd - Oct 27th): ≤ 1250 pts list (Strike Force)

-Phase Three (Oct 28th - Dec 22nd): ≤ 2000 pts list (Strike Force)

Registration is available at any time during any phase

All of your questions will be answered via the rules and expectations document HERE

You are able to register for Phase One HERE

IF you are planning on entering a model into the Phase One Paint Competition, you may do so HERE

Please send us an email to once you've registered with some simple information:

1) Your Name

2) What faction you'll be playing

3) General contact information

4) Discord handle

You may have additional questions, concerns, or command points.  If that is the case, please do not hesitate to ask.  We will be more than happy to answer questions, address concerns, and spend your command points, so either shoot us an email or stop by the Local Gopher. 

We are also available to answer questions in the Discord, so look out for updates regarding new channels being added and becoming available for League Participants.


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