Escalation League Starts NOW!!!!!

by Gopher Games

Remember Gophers, the Escalation League for the 10th Ed. of Warhammer 40K starts this Saturday.  We will also have space available for people who want to learn the game.  You can check out the guidelines for the league HERE and can sign up HERE.

We will also have a paint competition at the end of each phase.  That can be signed up for HERE.  The schedule for the league is below. 

-Phase One (July 8th - Sept 1st): ≤ 750 pts list (Incursion)

-Phase Two (Sept 2nd - Oct 27th): ≤ 1250 pts list (Strike Force)

-Phase Three (Oct 28th - Dec 22nd): ≤ 2000 pts list (Strike Force)


Registration is available at any time during any phase


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