The Gopher at Adepticon with TTCombat and The Army Painter!

by Gopher Games

Gopher Games will be bringing all the great games and terrain from TTCombat and paints from The Army Painter to Adepticon!

We will also be running events during the convention; Check them out and/or signup here!

For Dropzone we are doing a De-escelation Tournament allowing players to get those Behemoth's on the table. For Dropfleet we have a 1250pt Tournament. If that wasn't enough for the Dropverse we also have a combined narrative event running with Dropzone and Dropfleet side by side

Carnevale is going to have an epic 3 round narrative event with naval ships and battles over bizarre rituals.

Rumbleslam will feature a big 3 round tournament with fresh new competitive rules from TTCombat!

On top of all of that, we are also running the TTC Painting Competition USA through this convention too, sponsored by TTCombat and The Army Painter! Expect to see some teasers of what some of the other entrants have been working on, and enter your own projects


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